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Have you ever heard about “Kyoto”?

cherry blossoms along katsura river near

Cherry blossoms along Katsura river near KEM headquarters



You may have visited Kyoto and heard about their historic city. Kyoto was the old capital of Japan and the center of Japanese culture for a very long time. The emperor lived in Kyoto from 8th century to the end of Edo era (Samurai era), which was late 19th century.


In 1961, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (KEM) started its business in this historical and beautiful city, Kyoto, and introduced the first commercial “Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MK-S” in Japan.


Since its foundation, KEM has been focusing on innovative solutions for specific niche applications, developing and manufacturing analytical instruments for dedicated applications. The industries of our customers have been broadened to petroleum, chemical, food & beverage and alcohol segments.

KEM has been putting high quality, unique analytical instruments on the market, like Automatic Potentiometric Titrator, Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator, Density / Specific Gravity Meter, Refractometer, EMS Viscometer, and those have been well accepted by many customers in the world.

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AT-710M titrator

Automatic potentiometric titrator 



EMS viscometer