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Definition of measurement items


Firstly, understanding the definition of each word is very important. Below is the introduction of each units. The alcohol meter uses the following expressions on display and printout:

  •  Selective one alcohol table: 

    Alcohol(O): Alcohol vol%/wt% at 20 deg (OIML Vol% or wt%)
    Alcohol(A): Alcohol vol% at 20 deg or 60 °F (AOAC)
    Alcohol(H): Alcohol vol% at 20 deg (HMCE)  
    Alcohol(G): Alcohol vol% at 20 deg (G225)

       Alcohol(N): Alcohol vol% at 60 °Fg (NIST)

  • Brix: Brix value at 20 degree

  • Babo: Babo value at 20 degree

  • Baume: Baume value at 20 degree

  • Density: Density at 20 degree Celsius

  • S.G(20/20): Specific gravity at 20 degree Celsius  

​Definition of measurement items

  • Alcohol concentration (Vol%) - Unit of volume percentage of ethanol and water at 20 degree.  Alcohol meter equips conversion table between the ethanol percentage and density value. This unit is used in quality control of alcohol drinks. 

  • Density - Mass (e.g. gram) per unit volume (e.g. cm3).

  • Specific gravity (SG)(relative density) - SG is the ratio of mass between a substance and reference standard.

  • Brix - Sugar content of an aqueous solution

  • Babo - The Babo degree measured by  density meter is used to calculate how much sugars are present in the must. It is an indicator of the fermentation process that sugars are transformed to alcohol.

  • Baume - SG unit measured by Baume’s hydrometer by French scientist A. Baume expressed as °Be.