Digital Alcohol Meter ALM-155


digital alcohol meter

for wine, spirits and beer


Digital Alcohol Meter ALM-155 is a compact size and high-performance bench top density meter with oscillating capillary tube dedicated for the analysis of wine, distilled spirits, liqueur and beer.

This instrument - ALM-155 is designed to be easy-to-use and budget-friendly for all the alcoholic beverage market. A useful instrument for monitoring and quality control of alcohol drinks through the whole production processes from fermentation to bottling in a brewery.

 Heartwarming story of

father-daughter winery

A father sticking to traditional method whilst daughter introduces modern tecnology to show efficiency and speed of process. How can they work successfully together using different technologies?

ALM-155 short movie






Reasons why we recommend

1. Wide applications

2. Reliable performance


  • Measurement of alcohol in wine, beer, spirits, liqueur and vinegar

  • Measuring of density, specific gravity and alcohol concentration at 20 deg.

  • Selective alcohol table AOAC or OIML

  • No influence from any color sample

  • High viscous sample is measurable


  • Resolution:

    • Alcohol 0.01 vol%,

    • Density 0.00001 g/cm3,

    • Specific gravity 0.00001

  • Minimal analysis cost using low volume of sample in single measurement.

  • 100% Japanese technology and reliability.  

3. One click measurement

4. Easy maintenance

  • One touch operation

  • Measurement time in few minutes

  • Automatic repeat measurement function

  • Requires only pure water for calibration

  • No need for special solvent to rinse.

  • Includes all necessary items for standard operation 

5. Data out to your PC

6. Low running cost

  • Maximum 100 results in a device

  • Direct export of results to an optional software installed in an external PC or USB

  • Only a few replacement parts 

  • No special standard substance for calibration


Alcohol Concentration


90 seconds short movie

how to use Alcohol Meter ALM-155





Only 3 steps to use Alcohol Meter ALM-155


  1. Distillation and distillate recovering

  2. Place sampling nozzle into beaker. 

  3. Single click to load sample, measurement will start with final result being displayed automatically 


Specific gravity and Density

  1. Filtration and degassing sample

  2. Place sampling nozzle into beaker 

  3. Single click to load sample, measurement will start with final result being displayed automatically 








Brochure of Alcohol Meter ALM-155





Voice of customers

Accuracy                         4.5         ★      ★      ★      ★     

Measurement time     4.1         ★      ★      ★      ★     

Usability                          5.0         ★      ★      ★      ★     ★

Budget-friendly              4.5         ★      ★      ★      ★     

Comment from customer

  • ALM-155 is an excellent alternative to the hydrostatic balance for optimal quality testing.

  • The system is robust and flexible to use on any type of Lab bench or surface.

  • The peristaltic pump manages sample analysis and cleaning repeatedly.

  • Easy to use system that guarantees accuracy and reproducible analysis for any QC/QA team  

  • No maintenance required except to conduct cell cleaning

  • ALM-155 is an affordable meter with precision Density and Alcohol measurements for a wide range of customers.









FAQ - Technology -

1. Why alcohol determination needs distillation before measurement by the instrument ?

2. Is it possible to display other units except density, specific gravity and alcohol on the alcohol meter ?

Alcohol drink generally includes water, alcohol, and organic substance like sugar. The purpose of distillation is to remove other elements except water and alcohol. Preparing the mixed solution (only water and alcohol) after distillation of alcohol drink is necessary for the measurement of alcohol concentration.

No, alcohol meter can display only density, specific gravity and alcohol concentration. However, it is possible for you to calculate other units like Brix from test results. 

3. If we use this instrument in our winery/distillery/brewery, do you think we can make better quality products ?

4. Does this instrument have a function of temperature control for sample solution during measurement ?

The ALM 155 helps with monitoring and quality control of your product, thus improving the quality of the finished product. 

Yes, alcohol meter features a temperature control function. You don't have to use a constant temperature bath that needs you to wait for a long time before measurement.​





FAQ - Maintenance -

1. What kind of parts need to be replaced?

2. What is your recommended daily performance check ?

No parts, only consumables like sampling tube, printer paper and ribbon. Easily replaceable by operator/analyst. 

Simple test with pure water to match theoretical values at 20 degrees, then start sample measurement. A large gap from theoretical value means a contamination where the measurement tube requires cleaning with a mild detergent.




FAQ - Trying out alcohol meter -

1. Is it possible for you to arrange demonstration unit if we want to see at our laboratory ?

2. Do we need some specific items and environment to use the instrument ?

Yes, our local distributor can organize demonstration at your laboratory with free of charge. Please send us message on the screen of “Contact”.

No, you only need to prepare pure water, small beakers and samples on the table. The size of table is at least 600mm(W) and 500mm(D). Sample needs to be distilled prior to measurement, thus a Distillation unit is required.

3. How long does it take for measurment ? 

4. What amount of sample volume (mL) is required for one measurement ?

When auto sampling mode is selected, the measurement time is 2 to 4 minutes including sampling to display of result.

When auto sampling mode (sampling time: 10 seconds) is used,  the minimum amount is about 8mL.










Specification of Alcohol Meter ALM-155


                      Alcohol content    0.01 vol%


                      Density                  0.00001 g/cm3

                      Specific Gravity    0.00001


                      Alcohol content    SD: 0.05 vol%

                      Density                  SD: 0.00005 g/cm3

                      Specific Gravity    0.00001

Measurement Temperature     20 °C (Fixed)

Minimum. Sample Required    approx. 8 mL

Measurement Time                   2 to 4 min.


Sampling method 


              Auto Sampling by pump

              Manual by optional syringe 

Number of Measurement Result            100

Dimension  270 (W)×402 (D)×163 mm (H)


              SOFT-CAP Data Acquisition Software

              Dot matrix printer

              Syringe 2mL




User-friendly digital alcohol meter for wine, spirits and beer productions

Digital Alcohol Meter ALM-155

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