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Installation and operation of the ALM-155 alcohol meter

Part of our "What is a Density Meter (Densitometer)" video series, this video guides customers of the ALM-155 in all steps from its installation to operation and data export and analysis. It also showcases its features and serves as a good educational resource for the instrument.

90 seconds short video of ALM-155 alcohol meter











This is only 90 seconds video to introduce features of ALM-155 alcohol meter. Operator performs the alcohol measurement for distilled alcoholic product with just three steps. 
Please take a look at this video if you are concerned about the complexity of steps and accuracy for operators in alcohol measurement


Determination of ethanol (alcohol) content (vol%) in disinfectant solution and hand sanitizer

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about determination of ethanol (alcohol) content (vol%) in disinfection solution and hand sanitizer for infection prevention from the newcomers in this industry who are planning to manufacture the disinfectant products and inspection companies who check the quality of commercial products on the market.


Our technology of density meter to determine alcohol content is used for quality control in production of not only wine, sprits or beer, but also disinfection solution and hand sanitizer. The ethanol concentration in disinfectant solution and hand sanitizer is generally adjusted to be around 70% to exert the best bactericidal effect.


Our ALM-155 alcohol meter is easy to use for all operators to determine the ethanol concentration in the industry.


Determination of density value and S.G. of IPA by alcohol meter













As well as determination of ethanol (alcohol) in disinfection solution and sanitizer, we also have been receiving a lot of inquiries about determination of density and specific gravity of isopropyl alcohol which are used for disinfection solution.


Heartwarming story of father-daughter winery

A father sticking to traditional method whilst daughter introduces modern tecnology to show efficiency and speed of process. How can they work successfully together using different technologies?

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