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Definitions for measurement terms and units

On this page we will explain:

(1) the meaning of the terms/expressions that are displayed by the alcohol meter     &

(2) what the units are 

(1) Terms displayed by the ALM-155 and what they mean

  • Selectable alcohol table: 
    Alcohol(O): Alcohol vol%/wt% at 20 deg (OIML Vol% or wt%)
    Alcohol(A): Alcohol vol% at 20°C or 60°F (AOAC)
    Alcohol(H): Alcohol vol% at 20°C (HMCE)  
    Alcohol(G): Alcohol vol% at 20°
    C (G225)

       Alcohol(N): Alcohol vol% at 60°F (NIST)

  • Brix: Brix value at 20°C

  • Babo: Babo value at 20°C

  • Baume: Baume value at 20°C

  • Density: Density at 20°C

  • S.G(20/20): Specific gravity at 20°C

​(2) Explanation of units 

  • Alcohol concentration (vol%) - Percentage volume of ethanol in water at 20°C. The alcohol meter calculates alcohol concentration by converting measured density values using a conversion table. This unit is widely used in the quality control of alcoholic drinks. 

  • Density - mass (e.g. gram) per unit volume (e.g. cm  )

  • Specific Gravity (a.k.a. "SG" or "relative density") - ratio of the density of a substance to that of a standard substance

  • Brix - Sugar content of an aqueous solution

  • Babo - Expressed in degrees, Babo is used to express how much sugar is present in wine must. It indicates its sugar content and provides the producer with an idea of the alcohol content to expect to be generated from the batch.

  • Baume - Another unit indicating sugar level, invented by French scientist A. Baume. It is expressed as °Bè (degrees Bè).


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