Technology - Alcohol meter ALM-155 development story


Alcohol meter ALM-155 development story




Nowadays, Japanese Sake (rice wine) have become very famous in the world. Some big sake breweries are exporting their products to overseas and even brewing abroad. However, most of the Sake brewers are small and medium-sized companies like family business.


Sake is manufactured through the process in which saccharification and fermentation occurs simultaneously. The control of this reaction is sometime very difficult, so the need to monitor the condition by conventional methods every day to produce good quality product is essential. These conventional methods take time until temperature of ingredients stabilizes, and the results vary depending on operator’s experience.


These daily routine work for family members are not easy and release from their burden has been long desired.
Our Sake meter DA-105/155 which was launched in 2004 not only simply showed alcohol concentration but also eased their burden and improved their production efficiency.


Currently, more than 1,000 sake breweries in Japan have been using our line of Sake meter DA-105/155. We are confident that our technology of Sake meter also contributes quality improvement in other kind of alcohol manufacture.
In 2019, we released new improved Alcohol meter ALM-155, which was originated from well-accepted Sake meter technology.