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Alcohol Meter ALM-155's development story

Japanese dishes great with sake

Some Japanese dishes that match perfectly with sake (Japanese rice wine)

Japanese sake (rice wine) has over the years, become steadily popular outside of Japan becoming a widely enjoyed drink. A number of big sake makers are exporting their products overseas, and some are even brewing abroad. For those that enjoy sake, you might be interested to know that in fact, the majority of sake brewers in Japan are small and medium-sized companies, with many being family businesses.


Sake is manufactured through a process whereby saccharification and fermentation occurs at the same time. The proper control of these simultaneous processes is very challenging, involving the constant monitoring of the batch's properties every day in order to achieve the best product possible. Measuring these properties by conventional means is labor intensive and time consuming and the results tend to vary between operators due to differences in experience.


These daily work routines are hard to maintain for family members and it has long been desired to find a way to release them from some of the burdens that operating by conventional methods have imposed. Knowing how these producers felt, inspired the creation of our "Sake Meter DA-105/155" line, which launched in 2004. It allowed users to measure alcohol concentration in less time and with less hassle, easing the burden of workers and improving production efficiency.


Currently, more than 1,000 sake breweries in Japan are using our Sake Meter DA-105/155.

With many years of favourable reception, we looked to expand on our Sake Meter technology and develop an instrument that caters to makers of all types of alcoholic beverages. So in 2019, we released a new and improved instrument, the Alcohol Meter ALM-155, based on technology that we proudly stand behind to this day!

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