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FAQ - Technology

 1. Why do samples need to be distilled before measuring alcohol content?

Alcoholic drinks contain water, alcohol and organic substances such as sugar. The purpose of distillation is to remove all substances other than water and alcohol. In order for the instrument to accurately measure alcohol content, preparation of the water and alcohol solution after distillation is required.

 2. Can the alcohol meter display results in other ways aside from density, specific gravity and     
     alcohol percentage?

Yes, the ALM-155 can also display results as Brix, Babo and Baume. 

 3. If we use this instrument in our winery/distillery/brewery, do you think that we can make better 
    quality products?

Yes, definitely! The ALM-155 is designed to help you monitor the quality of your product at multiple steps in its production. We trust that if used proactively, you will be better informed on how to steer and optimize your production, leading to a better product. 


Yes, the ALM-155 has a built in temperature control function. No longer do you need a water bath to maintain your sample's temperature!

 4. Does this instrument have a temperature function?

FAQ - Maintenance

 1. What kind of parts need to be replaced?

No internal parts, though the sampling tube will have to be periodically replaced based on frequency of use, as well as printer paper and the ink ribbon. All these are easily replaceable by the operator/analyst.

 2. What is the recommended daily performance check procedure? 

Just a simple test measurement of pure water at 20 degrees Celcius. After ensuring that the result matches the theoretical value expected, you are ready to start sample measurement.

A large discrepancy between your test and the theoretical values, means that there is contamination in the sampling tube, meaning it requires cleaning with a mild detergent.

FAQ - Trying out the ALM-155/Demonstration 

 1. Is it possible to arrange a demonstration of the ALM-155 at our laboratory?

Yes, our distributor local to you can organize a demonstration at your laboratory, free of charge. Please send apply for a demonstration by sending us a message on this website's “Contact” page (click the yellow button at the top of this page).

 2. Do we need to prepare any special items or ensure a particular environment for the demo?

No, all you will need to prepare is pure water, small beakers and your samples on a table.

The size of the table should be at least 600mm(W) and 500mm(D).

Your sample/s must be distilled prior to measurement, thus a distillation unit is required.

 3. How long does it take for measurement ? 

When auto sampling mode is selected, the measurement time is 2 to 4 minutes (time taken from start of sampling through to the display of the result).

 4. What volume of sample (in mL) is required for one measurement ?

When auto sampling mode (sampling time: 10 seconds) is used,  the minimum amount is about 8mL.

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