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Come see us at the 3rd Annual American Craft Sake Festival!

The 3rd Annual American Craft Sake Festival is the largest gathering of North American sake brewers, providing a great opportunity to meet and learn from passionate, inspiring members of the industry over some delicious sake.

Flyer for the 3rd Annual American Craft Sake Fest. It features a graphic of an eagle with appealing splashes of purple and red in the background. Information regarding the location, date, time and more regarding the event is listed in the image.

We are pleased to announce our participation in the event, where we will make a presentation about our sake analyzers and density meters such as the DA-155 and the DA-800 series.

Kyoto Electronics’ food and beverage analyzers are some of the most highly adopted in the Japanese market, being a huge player in sake analysis instrumentation thanks to many years of developing our instruments in response to the desires of local sake artisans.

We are sure the festival will be a big success, and we are looking forward to meeting you there!

Kanpai (Cheers!) to the evolution of North American sake!

■Exhibition information Website: Date: July 22nd, 2023, 2pm-8pm Venue: North American Sake Brewery & Restaurant 522 2nd Street Southeast #Unit E Charlottesville, VA 22902 United States

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