What is different from other technologies?

Comparison of alcohol meter with other technologies

Definition of measurement items

Firstly, understanding the definition of each word is very important. Below is the introduction of each units. The alcohol meter uses the following expressions on display and printout:

  •   Density:                 Density at 20 degree Celsius

  •   S.G(20/20):            Specific gravity at 20 degree Celsius

  •   Alcohol:                  Alcohol vol% at 20 degree Celsius (OIML table)

  •   Alcohol(A):             Alcohol vol% at 20 degree Celsius (AOAC table)

​Definition of measurement items

  • Alcohol concentration (Vol%) - Unit of volume percentage of ethanol and water at 20 degree.  Alcohol meter equips conversion table between the ethanol percentage and density value. This unit is used in quality control of alcohol drinks. 

  • Density - Mass (e.g. gram) per unit volume (e.g. cm3).

  • Specific gravity (SG)(relative density) - SG is the ratio of mass between a substance and reference standard.





Method comparison to measure alcohol concentration 


                                                                                                      Meas.       of flow         Initial      Running

                                          Usability    Accuracy   Calibration     Time        Channel       Cost        Cost

Hydrometer                       Difficult        Low          Difficult       Long       Moderate      Low          Low

Infrared method                Difficult      Middle       Difficult       Short      Required       High          Low


chromatography               Difficult      Middle        Difficult       Long       Required       High         High


plus alcohol meter              Easy          Good           Easy          Short      Moderate     Middle       Low




Infrared Method

The price on the market is reasonable, however, cost of annual calibration at third party is expensive. Operator has to take care of the operation since it is made of glassware. When this method is used, large volume of sample needs to be prepared whilst operator has to wait until temperature reaches the specific testing temperature. The human error depending on operator's experience is large, so it is very difficult to get reliable results everyday. 

This method is the latest technology. However, the price is still not reasonable for general alcoholic manufacturers and some countries don't approve it as an official method. This method has gap of accuracy between test result and theoretical value when alcohol concentration is high. Since operators needs to prepare calibration standard, it is not easy works for unexperienced operators. 


Gas chromatography


Distillation plus 

Alcohol Meter

This method is efficient when you prefer to get several elements results from one sample. However, operator has to prepare carrier gas and do calibration with standard solutions and the initial cost is expensive. The operation is also not easy for general operators in alcoholic manufactures. 

This is a traditional method and the result is most reliable. In many countries, this process is adopted to method of national regulation. Before measurement of alcohol concentration by alcohol meter (density meter), the process of distillation where the organic substance like sugar is removed from the sample solution. After distillation the mixed solvent (only pure water and alcohol) is tested by alcohol meter. The biggest advantages of alcohol meter ALM-155 is the ability to measure any colored sample and process high viscous sample.  






Principle of alcohol meter

(oscillation method density meter)

Imagine the model at right, where a weight is attached to the end of a bar. If you flick the weight with your finger, the weight begins to oscillate. You can see that it oscillates more slowly with more weight, and faster with less weight. This is because the weight will vibrate on the oscillation period specific to a substance in proportion to the mass of the weight.



Advantage/Disadvantage of alcohol meter





  • Only small sample volume is required

  • Digital display leads to no misreading

  • Short measurement time

  • Low running cost 

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean for all operators

  • Compliance with national standard in most of countries

  • Easy to transfer result to your PC

  • Any colored sample is measurable

  • High viscous sample is measurable  

  • For alcohol measurement, distillation process need because it is best preparation to measure alcohol concentration precisely. 

  • Initial cost is higher compared to hydrometer

  • Power supply is required

User-friendly digital alcohol meter for wine, spirits and beer productions

Digital Alcohol Meter ALM-155

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